PORTA – Fire Pit

    This model is compact and quite lightweight. Suitable for any backyard, patio or any other place. It will serve as a uniting element of the spacious exterior. Perfect as a calming and warming object when you wish to immerse in contemplation and meditation or to indulge in a peaceful rest for a while, and other times it can assemble a jolly, large group of people in a private party, or to warm and unite the guests of your hotel or restaurant. This model will easily fit in any car so you can spend every weekend at a fire pit in a different place, be it a beach, a meadow, a park or a marble patio of a luxurious hotel.

    Technical data


    Height: 32.5 cm

    Width: 69,5 X 69,5 cm

    Net weight: 13.4 kg

    Gross weight: 15 kg

    Packaging: Cardboard


    3mm thick steel

    heat resistant coating

    Package contents*:

    -Fire Pit

    -fireplace poker

    -firewood basket with a bag

    -gas lighter or matches*


    -fire blanket


    *Optional (depending on the country)











    anthracite black           anthracite grey 







    We advise using a protective waterproof cover COVE (optional accessory, requires separate purchase).







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