Design author:

    Daimonds Pucko
    Born in Riga, in 1974
    Mechanization, design and advertising expert with more then 20 years of experience.
    Since 2007 working in the industry of contemporary design lighting, furniture, interior and exterior accessories

    e-mail: daimonds@contving.com

    Mobile phone: +371 29405199

    The metal Latvian – Daimonds Pučko 

    “I’ve always liked all metallic things,” says Daimonds Pučko, the creator of the Contving brand. Daimonds was educated as a professional mechanic of agricultural equipment and vehicles. Until less than two years ago, Daimonds worked full-time in the advertising materials production sector. He has also owned home interior boutiques and discovered that he is much less interested in importing design objects from abroad than in to creating new ones in Latvia. What exactly? The idea came out of practical need. Daimonds lives in a private house with a well-kept lawn. Once he left the house with friends who were celebrating Jāņi, the traditional Latvian midsummer holiday, which always includes making a bonfire. “Upon my return I saw a huge crater in my backyard,” Daimonds says. That is why he decided to make a fire-pit that doesn’t harm the grass, lasts for years, and looks good too.


    “I have a garage full of imperfect prototypes. Once I thought that ‘perfectionist’ was a swearword. Now I know that this way of working helps me to satisfy even the most demanding customers.”


    The first experiments revealed small, but important details that needed to be improved, and eventually Daimonds found the perfect combination: thick, folded steel, a fire-resistant coating and a few simple additions that ensure the fire-pit can survive every kind of weather that the Latvian climate can throw at it.


    “I overlook the production of each fire-pit. And I do the coating and finishing work myself, so each one goes through my hands.”


    Step by step, the fire-pit was stocked up with everything one needs for an open air party: a fire basket, a stool and a special party table just compact enough for two glasses and a plate of snacks, which can be fixed by simply sticking it into the ground. But Daimonds isn’t going to stop there: a metal flowerpot and a metal clock are next on the list.