For the ninth consecutive year the magazine DEKO organized the Annual Award in Design for the best design created in Latvia in the last year.
Our new product was also nominated for the public assessment!
The positive feedback you have given to this idea so far, which we really appreciate a lot, was also supported by the jury of the magazine DEKO Annual Award 2011. Amongst nearly 100 nominees a CONTVING fire pit ranked 23rd within the final!
With 233 votes on internet voting we honourably ranked the 5th! Hurrah :-)


A few comments:


Inci comments:

17 April 2012, 10 39 a.m.

I’d give my preference to and vote for the fire pit – it is so original and practical!

Krista comments:

19 April 2012, 12.45 p.m.

I give my vote for No 22 – fire pit CTG-XL as it has several features which are important for me as a potential user.
I liked it instantly, with no desire for deeper analysis.
Its design combines the functions of both an attractive object and a practical and useful appliance.
I’m sure I could use it already this weekend.
It brings on the best solution for the problem of clearing up your own mess in the surrounding environment.

Maruta comments:

17 April 2012, 13.49 p.m.

My top 3:
1. Children furniture collection bird&berry
2. Holiday house
3. Fire pit CTG-XL
I was happy to see that Latvians can do a lot, and over the time, even better and better.
For me, functionality of the thing is the most important part, and the design should only add a nice touch to the function, not vice versa, as I am a lover of simple, comfortable and functional things.


Renate comments:

18 April 2012, 17.22 p.m.

Design is successful if, when seeing it, a man immediately wants to put it in his house. (yet, what is the criterion – a mainstream man or…?)
I saw 3 (and a half!) successful designs amongst these finalists. (or, maybe, just ideas?)

…… I must admit, the fire pit is quite perfect, ….